Nashua NH Mortgage Loan Payment Tips in Bad Times

You took out your Nashua NH mortgage loan a few years back when both you and your spouse were working and things were going pretty well financially. In fact, that’s the reason you bought your first home. Since then, the economy has slowed considerably and your employer has downsized. Over time – which was an almost guaranteed addition […]

Nashua NH Mortgage Refinancing: Are You Missing Out?

The Nashua NH mortgage refinancing market has enjoyed months of near-record low interest rates. The rates have stayed so low for so long that many borrowers assumed home mortgage interest rates will be low “forever.” And for good reason. At the first sign of rising interest rates – regardless of how slight the expected increase – the […]

Nashua NH Mortgages – What Will Slightly Higher Rates Mean?

Interest rates recently rose slightly, raising the question of what affect they will have on Nashua NH mortgages. Rates increased for the first time in more than two months, creating a sell-off in the U.S. Treasury bond market. Mortgage interest rates have traditionally been tied loosely to the 10-year Treasury bond yield. While the increase […]

5 Ways Technology Affects the Nashua NH Mortgage Business

Technology and the digital age has certainly made an impact on the Nashua NH mortgage business. While roughly 90% of prospective homeowners search online for a home, less than 10% of mortgage lenders offer a comprehensive digital mortgage experience.  Now, mortgage lenders are starting to enter the 21st Century by gradually reinventing the mortgage process. […]