Want a Nashua Mortgage? Don’t Use Cash


Nashua mortgage lenders have “seen it all.” With banks paying low interest rates and the stock market in the midst of a mini-crash, it's tempting to just keep your cash at home. However, if you’re planning to buy a home and need that cash for a down payment you’d better rethink that investment “strategy.” You won't be able to […]

Nashua Mortgage Lenders Loosen Credit


Nashua mortgage experts say 2016 may bring greater borrowing opportunities for homebuyers. Although you still have to qualify for the amount you want to borrow, more lenders are reporting a loosening of credit standards. Fannie Mae says loan underwriting is expected to ease in the near future. Let's examine why this may be the case and what […]

Nashua Mortgage Issues: TRID to Blame


As predicted by some in the Nashua mortgage industry, sales of existing homes fell sharply in November. Insiders say the new consumer disclosure rule was to blame. The rule resulted in delays in many mortgage loan closings. Nashua Mortgage Fears Realized The sale of existing homes dropped 10.5% during November from the previous month, according to the National […]

How Rising Rates Affect Nashua Home Buying


The Nashua home buying market may feel the effects of the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates… or not. The Fed increased the rate on federal funds for banks by .25%, the first such increase in over seven years. What does that mean for people contemplating purchasing a home? Nashua Home Buying: What's Next? […]